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How to use Facebook like a pro?

Facebook, the absolute part of our lives today. Who is not using Facebook? Everybody is. Be it a kid of age 5 or an old man of age 75 (I guess I am not bragging) everybody has their accounts on Facebook and they keep checking it day to day or time to time.
To be honest there's quite a lot you can do with Facebook than just scrolling through your newsfeed and showering likes everywhere. It has become one of the most important part of our lives and we all spend the majority of our time using it either on our phones or on our laptops, Ipads, Tablets or PCs, whether it's for finding the current news or staying in touch with friends.

Here I am sharing with you all some of the best tricks and hacks you may not know about to use Facebook like a pro.

1. Block Candy Crush Requests:

The reason why I have shared it before anything else is that I too am tired of all these annoying games (Be it candy crush or any other Facebook game) requests all the time. Are you too tired of this? Here is a simple trick to do, Under the "More" tab in Facebook's mobile app, select "Settings" then select "Account Settings" followed by "Notifications." Go to "Mobile," scroll all the way down, and uncheck "Application Invites." 

2. Turn Off the notifications:

If you're sick of Facebook notifying you about friends' birthdays, or if your phone kept ringing for hours after you left a sweet thoughtful comment on your friend's post. You can just press and hold your notification (If using Facebook on your laptop select "...") and then select "Turn off notification".

3. Save it:

I am at work and I saw this amazing video tutorial for perfect party makeup. What to do now? I can't watch it right now, ughh. What if I can't find it later? Ever happened something like that to you? Here is a simple trick to deal with this, you can now simply save that video, picture, article or anything and watch it later. Your bookmarked links, videos, photos, places, and more are accessible from the "Saved" page on your Facebook profile. The page is included under the "More" tab in the Facebook mobile app and on the left bar in your newsfeed on Facebook web app.

4. Profile Video:

Ughh, I want to upload my cake cutting video rather than picture so that my friends who missed the party can now watch it on facebook. Ever wished that? If yes your wish has been granted and you can now upload your profile video rather than a simple profile picture. (Thank you Facebook!!) Just open facebook on your mobile select camera icon on your current profile picture and then "select profile video" and you are done. 

5. Catch up hottest news with what's trending on Facebook:

Stay updated with what is trending on Facebook. The topics that are currently being talked about the most on Facebook are featured on the Trending list, which is accessible to the right of the News Feed on the desktop and under the search bar in Facebook's mobile app.

6. Turn off auto-play:

It's middle of the night and I have not connected my headphones and boom, this video auto-played itself and now it is a lot of noise. Anxious, trying to stop it form playing before my mom sneaks into my room and scold the shit out of me, ever happened? (Because it happened to me once and I was doomed.) A simple tip for you all tired of these auto-plays and you don't want videos on Facebook automatically playing in your News Feed anymore, make sure to turn the setting off. Under the "More" tab in the Facebook mobile app, select "Videos and Photos." You can choose to auto-play videos over cellular and Wi-Fi connections, just Wi-Fi, or never. 

Or you can just turn of the sound and enjoy the video without making any noise. (Or you better connect headphones and enjoy it with sound, lol!)

7. Facebook activity on the same day from past years:

Nostalgic, missing friends, how good this day was last year and suddenly I got this notification from Facebook, "you have memories with your friends to look back on today", and I be like, "Oh Facebook, Thank you. I was just missing it. Let me share it with my friends again and let them know too". Great feature, isn't it? Yes I am talking about Facebook's "On This Day" feature that shows your activity on the same day from past years and let you relive the moment again. Think of it like your personal time capsule on Facebook. Only you see your "On This Day" activity until and unless you share it with your friends.

8. Check out your Activity Log:

Yes you can now check out your activity log to make sure your profile is not compromised and nobody else is commenting or liking stuff on your behalf. Go on your Activity Log on Facebook and there you can see all the comments you have made, posts or pages you have liked and pictures you have shared. It's easily accessible on your profile from both the mobile app and desktop site.

9. Prioritize profiles and pages:

You can now prioritize specific people or pages you want to see first in your News Feed no matter what (Crush , crush, crush!!), you can select them in the Facebook mobile app. Tap "Settings" under the app's "More" tab and then "News Feed Preferences" to get started. People and pages you've marked to see first will have a little blue star next to their posts in your feed.

10. View your profile as public or specific friend:

Want to know how your timeline appears to your friend or your crush or just to public. Here is a simple trick Log into your Facebook desktop website, go to your profile, click the ellipsis and then "View as".

11. Hide your post from specific people:

Just said good night to this annoying friend of mine and saw this cool video. I want to share it now but this will let that friend know I am not sleeping. But hey, Facebook gives you the privilege to hide your post from certain friends. You can select your audience from the drop-down menu at the top right of a post. On the mobile app, select "Edit Privacy" and select one of the options. From the desktop, just click the little friends or globe icon next to a post's time stamp and update your privacy.

12. Your Active Sessions:

Want to know where you have logged into Facebook from time to time. You can easily see your Facebook active sessions and login details. If using Facebook on mobile app, tap the More tab then Settings, Account Settings, Security, and finally Active Sessions. Tap the "X" to remotely log out of any device you feel unsafe or you are not using anymore. Similarly on Facebook's web app go to your Security Settings and select "Where You're Logged In" and watch it out.

13. Get alerted On log-in attempts:

You can choose to get a Facebook notification or email whenever a log-in is made. Login Approvals mean that you'll have to enter a secondary code sent to your phone before you can log-in to Facebook on a new device. Facebook Login Alerts and Login Approvals can be enabled under Security Settings in the mobile app and desktop site.

14. Adjust the number of notifications you get:

You can customize exactly what kinds of notifications you get from Facebook, all the way down to updates for an event you've joined. It gets better: Notifications you want can be customized on the desktop and your phone separately. Go to the "Notifications" section of your account settings on the desktop and tweak away.

15. Get a notification every time a specific person posts something:

If you want to keep an eye on someone's Facebook activity, you can get alerted every time they share something. Just go to the "Friends" drop-down menu from their profile on Facebook's desktop site and select "Get Notifications." You can also add them in your close friends list and view their activity in close friends tap on the left side of your desktop app.

16. Search for posts and photos liked or commented on by a specific person:

You can search for posts liked or commented on by one of your friends or someone who you want to know and is not added to your Facebook's friend list. This takes stalking to the whole new level. You can just type "Photos/posts liked by/commented by xyz" in the Facebook search bar and it will return you with all the posts and photos. You can limit the search to certain month or page or friend as well. 

17. Search for specific keywords and topics:

Facebook lets you search for a lot more than just pages and profiles. Everything that's publicly shared on the social network is searchable, which means that if you search for something like "wowzers facebook tricks" or anything specific, it will let you see the related post as a result.

18. Add correct pronunciation of your name:

Sick of people pronouncing your name wrong? You can teach them on Facebook. While editing your profile on the desktop, go to "Details About You" to get started. You can also add a nickname or maiden name for yourself to display with your profile.

19. Unfollow people:

If you don't have the guts to completely unfriend someone you are tired of watching their posts in your newsfeed all the time and you want to stop seeing them, just unfollow them to not get their updates anymore. From someone's profile in the Facebook mobile app, tap on "Following" under their profile picture and then "Unfollow" to get rid of their posts completely. On the desktop site, click the drop-down arrow to the right of a post to unfollow a person.

20. Hide what you don't want to see:

Your News Feed isn't a chronological list of activity. It's a mix of posts Facebook determines you may be interested in based on how you interact on the social network.If you see a post you don't like, tap the drop-down arrow to the right and select "I don't like this post" to let Facebook know it should show you less of that kind of content.

21. Make lists to separate groups of people:

Designating groups within your list of friends can be useful to filter between what everyone is talking about in your News Feed. For instance, you may want to see what everyone from your hometown is sharing or just your friends from college. Facebook creates list of friends by default based on common affiliation, whether it be the same hometown, school, etc. On Facebook's desktop site you can see all of your friend lists from this page and add people to them. This creates individual News Feeds within Facebook for you to browse.

22. Give yourself a short bio:

Facebook enables you create a short bio for yourself that sits above your other profile information, such as contact information, work, and relationship status. You can edit it any time from your profile on the desktop site and mobile app. You can also choose to post it to newsfeed or not.

23. Edit a post or comment:

Your Facebook comments and posts are thankfully not set in stone. Not only can you delete them at any time, but you can also edit them. Tap the drop-down arrow to the right of one of your posts on the desktop and then hit "Edit Post." When viewing one of your comments, tap the little pencil icon to the right to edit or delete. To edit or delete a comment from the Facebook mobile app, tap and hold on the comment.

24. Add filters to your photo:

You can now add filters to your pictures while uploading them on Facebook to make them look more appealing and beautiful.  Just select a photo to upload and then swipe on it to apply some built-in filters just like in Instagram or Snapchat. You can also crop your picture and add text and stickers on it too.

25. Add contributors to your photo album:

Many of your friends were in the same party with you and now you are creating a photo album of that event. Instead of asking everyone to send you all your pictures and then uploading them you can now simply give your friends the right to contribute to your album. Tap "Edit" in the top right of Facebook's mobile app while viewing the album. Then select "Allow Contributors." From the desktop, click the same edit button to add people as contributors.

26. Deleting Or Deactivating Facebook? Download all your data:

Done with Facebook? (whattttt? Dude, come back alreadyy!! ) Or maybe you want to delete your current Facebook account and start a new one. Make it sure to download all your data first just in case. Go to your "account setting" on your desktop app and click on "download a copy of your Facebook data".

27. Restrict Friends:

Added a new friend out of respect but you don't want him/her to know what you are up to. Just add that person in restricted list and however they are in your friend list now then can only view you profile as public.

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Happy Facebooking!!


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