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Which Is Better: Wordpress Or Blogger?

I have previously posted about 'What is a blog, how it evolved with time, who are bloggers and why do they blog.' in detail.

Today, the topic I am going to cover is Which Platform Is Better In 2017?!

Start your blog!

Starting your own blog is not really complicated or expensive. Factually more and more people are starting blogs every day and it will be no wrong to say that about every person or business has a blog these days.

Blogger Or Wordpress? 

The main concern that appears in everyone's mind is which platform to choose, Blogger or Wordpress.
Choose your platform wisely,

Are you confused with which blogging platform to choose to start your blogging career? The major blogging hosting platforms are no doubt Blogger and WordPress. Now to judge which one is better, let's evaluate each of them independently.


  1. It offers you free layout/style sheet customization.
  2. Innumerable designers create new themes absolutely free of cost.
  3. It is highly user-friendly i.e easy to navigate.
  4. Innumerable official/unofficial widgets available.
  5. Manual optimization is required.
  6.  You can restrict comments to Gmail users or OpenID users.
  7. It lets you decide to enable editing or moderation your comments.
  8. It lets you notify your followers about the new post.
  9. It lets your followers message you directly.
  10. It verifies if a person who is commenting is or is not a Robot.
  11. Unlimited with Google videos and upload limit to 16 GBs.
  12. You can not import any other platform's blog to Blogger.
  13. It gives 1 GB storage for albums.
  14. It only allows image uploading. i.e it doesn't let you upload pdfs, ppts, docs.
  15. It gives detailed stats report. It doesn't have any default stats system but allows third party tracking script.
  16. You can add up to 100 authors and admins to manage and update your blog.
  17. Displays no advertisements of its own on the blog.
  18. It supports feed on mobile phones too.
  19. It has increased its number of default templates.
  20. It lets you save a template for your posts. i.e If all your posts have certain body content that you use repeatedly, now you can make a template and use it instead of writing it over and over again.
  21. It enables you to give search description of your post.
  22. You can schedule your posts periodically.
  23. I would personally recommend you, Blogger, if you're a beginner because it is the easiest and simplest platform to use because of its user-friendly scripting and coding i.e HTML, XML, CSS.


  1. Payment is required for layout/stylesheet customization.
  2. Few designer are creating free templates
  3. Complicated Interface with hectic navigation.
  4. Limited widgets available.
  5. Manual optimization is required.
  6.  You can not restrict comments.
  7. Comments can be edited and moderated. Spam protection available. User-friendly comment form.
  8. It lets you notify your followers about the new post.
  9. It lets your followers message you directly.
  10. Does not asks for any verification. More spam affected.
  11. Just 3GB limit. More space on upgrade.
  12. A Blog can be imported from another WordPress blog or from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, LiveJournal and Movable Type and TypePad.
  13. It gives 3 GB storage for albums.
  14. Allows upload of files like .ppt, pdf .doc and .odt files. More file types can be uploaded on upgrading.
  15. It has a default visitor stats system that shows statistics for two days only and does not provide detailed stats reports and also it does not allow third party tracking scripts.
  16. You can add up to 35 authors and admins to manage and update your blog.
  17. Displays discreet AdSense advertisements on your blog for a small percentage of the page views.
  18. It does not support feed on mobile phones.
  19. Over 70+ default templates.
  20. Uses advance scripting like PHP that few can understand.
I have mentioned most of the features of both Blogger and Wordpress, now decide for yourself which platform is feasible for you and start blogging.

Happy Blogging you guys!! Share this article with your friends too.


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