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Let Us Dance!

My love, this rhyme is toned only for tonight,
Forget the world and hold me tight...

I am in gown colored with blues,
laced, ribboned, pearled with white hues...

You step a little closer and pass me a smile,
This glance makes everything around us vanish for a while...

You offer me your hand and go on your knees,
I am blushing, rebelling, will you grab me, please?!

You grasp me, you grip me, ogling into my eyes,
I am flowing in your arms, the hall is echoing our sighs...

We start with Foxtrot, then Rumba, then Waltz,
Salsa, them Samba, then Mambo, we never halt...

We went on doing Contemporary, then Merengue, then Hustle,
We dance like we are hurting, we are fighting a tussle...

They change the song to 'Tarrango' sung by Club De Belugas,
It ignites us, we are heated, we are dancing without flaws...

Now we are dancing Tango, the dance form of lovers,
Same passion, same rhythm, same aggression like ours...

We keep dancing on different songs in midst of applauding crowd,
We are graceful but sexy, we are modest but proud..

You promise me your endless love and whisper me sweet lies,
I want us to last too, but see how the time flies...

It's midnight, hall is vacant, only we two have delayed,
Our goodbye is near, we are dancing now sad...

I am panicked, I am aching, I ask you to dance on one song more,
Your heart wants to stay too, you replied, "Oh, my love sure!!"

We dance again, we dance love, we dance like it's our last,
Let's dance love for the rest of our lives, the time is moving fast...

The sun is out, it's morning, we are dancing now tired,
Afraid to never meet again, another dance is all we desired...

I know it will not work, still, I moaned for another chance,
You know it's too late, yet you mumble, "LET'S US DANCE!"


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