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I was poisoned.

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You're again awake in my inability to sleep.

All tired, and exhausted from working all the day long, all sleepy, I lie down on my bed and as soon as I close my eyes all these feelings of being tired and dull vanished, and now all I can do is to think about you, miss you, over think you.

Trying too hard to resist it; you, your cravings, trying too hard to sleep I go back down to the memory lane and it all starts to play in my mind - again.

It was another ordinary night when I per my habit was going through my contacts on Whatsapp, reading their statuses. I had always believed that what one says or writes about casually is more than what it seems to be. Nothing is casual, we tend to speak about things casually when we are unable to say them abruptly because we know it won't make any sense but deep down these are the things that bother us the most, that matter the most. And while going through all of those statuses I came across yours saying, "The world is yours". I smiled and wondered how you are so different - and …

To unlove him..

That day when I was talking about how it feels to love you they said, how about if you try to resist this feeling, to forget him and move on, to unlove him - that when I know loving you will take my life away, and that loving you is toxic, and deadly, and oh-so-brutal, then why am I loving you anyway, I should stop!

Listening to their argument, I smiled. I smiled and then burst into a laughter so loud. I laughed out loud all my pain, and aches, and tears. I gathered all my courage, smiled again - broad and bright. I took a deep breath and begin to speak - again - this time about how it is to unlove you.

Breaking the silence of the death, I uttered words - words they never wanted to hear. I stared at them all - one by one - and said, "Do you really think I never tried to stop, to resist, to get over him, to unlove him?" They all nodded affirming and I continued, "I tried, and I tried a lot to unlove him. To unlove him is like you are on ventilator suffering from respira…