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She misses her father.

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You are her escape.

Every time she is a little too sad inside, she comes to you. She comes to you running, walking, crawling, the least she has the strength the fastest she comes to you. Every time, when someone very dear to her betrayed her, cheated on her, or left her in the worldly chaos to fight alone, and to wonder if she is strong enough to get over the hurt that beloved has caused her, she gathers her courage, and recollect all the torn pieces of her heart, hopes, and trust, and she comes to you.

And that time, when someone who was the dearest to her, died, she didn't say a word, she laughed hysterically, she grieved in silence and came to you. She prayed for his peace in the hereafter and stayed patient. When everyone around her was crying, screaming, complaining about the loss she had gone through, she remained calm, she asked everyone to be strong, and she quietly whispered to you to make it easy for all of them, and that she believes that whatever you did must be the right thing to do, sh…

I loved a Robot.

Sitting by the sea, her hair was blowing like they are dance-synchronizing with the breeze, partly smiling her silent lips were telling a beautiful poetry, holding a notebook in her one hand and a pen in other she was too engrossed in her thoughts, not caring about the surrounding or the time or how she has grabbed the attention of a hundred of the people around, and then she started writing. She began to pen down her every thought, cutting, writing again, cutting again, and so on. Her lips were stretching and expanding with a smile after every word she wrote. So many thoughts so many words and her topic - just one - him.

They say, "She was a perfect blend of a pretty face with a kind heart and a quick-witted brain. She was too smart to be broken and too beautiful to be a writer. She was both the art of God and an artist herself. Her writing was flawless and a perfect depiction of art and it was hard to believe someone as breathtaking as her could be this torn up inside."