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Women are not weak, they are strong, they are precious, they are valuable.

They call us weak, huh?! They say we need them to protect us because we are weak..
She said, annoyingly. She was pissed off. She was angry. She was sad. But what was she sad for? She was sad because she saw a man screaming at his wife on the road, bashing her, abusing her, and most of all because he was calling her weak as she is a woman. And what was more ironic - that she didn't reply him, she didn't fight for herself, rather she accepted what he said - quietly. She was crying in the middle of the road and her husband was not calming down. Many tried to ask him to relax but he was too out of control, he didn't listen. And this all took her in shock - extreme shock.
She was now telling about that incident to her mother. She had always seen her father respecting her mom. She was brought up in a calm, and a very loving family. She has never heard her father shouting on her mom or vice verse.  They were always polite to each other but what she saw today made her learn about …

When a fuckboy fall in love.

Hey, you look beautiful! ;)

Her mobile beeped and she unlocked it to read the notification. He was texting her after a whole year of ghosting quietly, yet she was not surprised or amazed or anything. She kinda knew it, she knew he will text her today, however, she didn't expect it to happen this sooner but she knew.

She was in the restaurant along with her friends to grab some lunch when she saw him. He was sitting right in front of her with a pretty girl by his side. That girl's eyes were sparkling as she was talking to him, she was glowing - knowing he is with her, she looked happy. And him, he was just the same old cold-hearted boy, he was gazing at her with that very same evil smirk knowing that girl has fallen in his trap too, like every other girl he ever had his eye on. He was smiling at something his girl said when he saw HER. He was not smiling anymore, his face was plain now, completely expressionless, cold plain. He had seen her after a year and he was surprised, he…

To me, you are perfect!

Since then,
When I saw you for the first time, Or the second, or third, or maybe after then too, In your smiles, Your smirks, your quirks, The way you cupped your face in your palms, Or the way you gently brush your hand in your hair, That day when you were all sweaty, tired, with all your hair messed up, Or that time when you were sober, suited booted, In all the things you loved about yourself, And,
In all your insecurities,
That time when your eyes were all red because of sleeplessness,
And then, when you were rubbing them to hide your tears,
In the times, when you were afraid,
And then, when you were bold and courageous and brave,

In your silences,
And even in your whining,
That last time you were too scared to hold my hand,
And then, when you kissed me in public,
In your tensed moments,
While you were struggling and you felt helpless,
And even when I saw you comforting others,
In the way you walk, you run, you hike,
In all the ways you glance, you stare, you gaze,
When you were …

My eyes were shining on the favor my Lord sent.

I breathed loss, and I walked loneliness,
When you unfold your hands in mine.
I cried blood, and I sobbed glee,
When I lost my glance in your eyes.
All the times we laughed, we wept together,
The joys we shared, the moments we gathered,
The promises you made, the vows you sing,
The oaths you read, eventual rather.
The sighs we gasped, the love we made,
The pain we bore, the mirth we had,
My soul was hemorrhaged with the pain you give,
My heart was pounding but my body was dead.

I wiped my tears and tried to smile,
I took a step and hiked a mile,
I stopped near the bench with emptiness in my mind,
It was the place where we seated for a while.
I recalled all the times,
With the possibility of us united again,
How I beseeched you to not to leave,
How all my begging goes in vain.
Your insulting smirks and guiltless sight,
Stabbed my heart to lose the fight,
I wondered where my love went wrong,
My feelings for you weren't enough, right?

I perceived my mistake to ask you to stay,
And h…

For every dark night, there's a brighter day.

When crying is the only option,
Crying over the things you lose,
Crying over the loved ones - who left,
Crying all alone,
Crying your heart out,
Crying that comes from the pit of your stomach,
Crying that makes you weak in your limbs,
Crying that makes you go breathless,
Crying like your heart is gonna stop,
Crying while shivering, praying,
Crying like your body has turned into pain,
Crying like this is the end of the world,
Crying with hopelessness,
Crying, knowing you will never get over it,
Crying like insane, mad person,
Crying like you will never be able to cry again,
Crying your life away...

If that is how you are crying,
I know it hurts,
It hurts so hard that nobody can ever understand,
It hurts physically crying in such a way,
I know it all,
But believe me,
After every dark night comes a brighter day,
A day that will shine your life out,
A day filled with happinesses and happinesses,
A day worth crying, worth all that pain,
A day you will never get enough of,
And then you'll understand,
Those were…

Let Us Dance!

My love, this rhyme is toned only for tonight,
Forget the world and hold me tight...

I am in gown colored with blues,
laced, ribboned, pearled with white hues...

You step a little closer and pass me a smile,
This glance makes everything around us vanish for a while...

You offer me your hand and go on your knees,
I am blushing, rebelling, will you grab me, please?!

You grasp me, you grip me, ogling into my eyes,
I am flowing in your arms, the hall is echoing our sighs...

We start with Foxtrot, then Rumba, then Waltz,
Salsa, them Samba, then Mambo, we never halt...

We went on doing Contemporary, then Merengue, then Hustle,
We dance like we are hurting, we are fighting a tussle...

They change the song to 'Tarrango' sung by Club De Belugas,
It ignites us, we are heated, we are dancing without flaws...

Now we are dancing Tango, the dance form of lovers,
Same passion, same rhythm, same aggression like ours...

We keep dancing on different songs in midst of applauding crowd,
We are g…


Isn't it pure nothingness?
When you are already dead,
Dead inside,
With no hopes for the better future,
No one to love,
No nothing..
When you are barely alive,
Struggling to breath,
Trying to live,
All alone in the darkness of this world,
No friends - no one to care..
When you feel nothing,
When you're numb,
No bruise hurts anymore,
No joy makes you happy,
When your tears are dry,
It has been ages you last smile..
You are waiting for death to come to you,
But you have to live anyway,
When your soul is dying,
But your body is striving to live..
It feels like you are nothing,
This world is nothing,
Everything is void,
Everyone is dead,
You are lonely,
You are only..

Isn't it utter nothingness?
And you know what,
When it's nothing,
When you're nothing,
When everything has vanished,
When your life has finished,
When you are staring blankly at everyone,
Who once were your loved ones,
Everything that once was your life,
Has been destroyed right before your eyes,
And all…

Inhale you forever!

You're my favorite sin,
I want to breathe you in..
The love that ceases never,
Going to inhale you forever!!