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She misses her father.

Dad, you taught me to play.
You taught me to play with all those little dolls,
Stuffed animals, electronic trains, toy robots,
You taught me to hold the bat, and hit the ball,
You taught me how to handle the rackets,
And how to play badminton or table tennis,
You made me able to play and won all those different games.

When I was the littlest of me, a toddler,
You taught me to sit, to stand, to crawl, to walk, and to run
You saw me learning to speak, laugh, smile,
You witness me getting older and older with every passing day,
And you were my mentor for all of this.

My first day of school, then college, university,
And finally, my first day on the job.
You were proud, you were the happiest,
And my biggest inspiration, my teacher, my best advisor,
You saw me achieving it bit by bit and you were there.

You were there to pick me up every time I fall,
And support me, and encourage me every time I fail,
You taught me how to handle tears when I am down,
And how to laugh the loudest in the cr…

You are her escape.

Every time she is a little too sad inside, she comes to you. She comes to you running, walking, crawling, the least she has the strength the fastest she comes to you. Every time, when someone very dear to her betrayed her, cheated on her, or left her in the worldly chaos to fight alone, and to wonder if she is strong enough to get over the hurt that beloved has caused her, she gathers her courage, and recollect all the torn pieces of her heart, hopes, and trust, and she comes to you.

And that time, when someone who was the dearest to her, died, she didn't say a word, she laughed hysterically, she grieved in silence and came to you. She prayed for his peace in the hereafter and stayed patient. When everyone around her was crying, screaming, complaining about the loss she had gone through, she remained calm, she asked everyone to be strong, and she quietly whispered to you to make it easy for all of them, and that she believes that whatever you did must be the right thing to do, sh…

I loved a Robot.

Sitting by the sea, her hair was blowing like they are dance-synchronizing with the breeze, partly smiling her silent lips were telling a beautiful poetry, holding a notebook in her one hand and a pen in other she was too engrossed in her thoughts, not caring about the surrounding or the time or how she has grabbed the attention of a hundred of the people around, and then she started writing. She began to pen down her every thought, cutting, writing again, cutting again, and so on. Her lips were stretching and expanding with a smile after every word she wrote. So many thoughts so many words and her topic - just one - him.
They say, "She was a perfect blend of a pretty face with a kind heart and a quick-witted brain. She was too smart to be broken and too beautiful to be a writer. She was both the art of God and an artist herself. Her writing was flawless and a perfect depiction of art and it was hard to believe someone as breathtaking as her could be this torn up inside." 


You are my happy.

Every time I was sad, down, stressed, angry, or taken up by my thoughts, you were my cure. You were my cure to everything that made me feel down for a while or forever. It never mattered what are the circumstances, the time, the place, I only knew that I was not happy and then I started thinking about you or talking to you and now I am the happiest person in the whole entire world. Your single text, a single call, looking at you for once, talking to you, sitting beside you, or just sharing the same room with you, it doesn't matter how tiny and how unimportant that thing was I just knew that I was happy. You made me happy all the time by everything you did, you said, you didn't do, you kept quiet about. All this time that you've gone and you have stopped talking to me, meeting me, calling me, or replying to my texts, I either miss you and cry or I think about you and smile. It's been so long that I had been genuinely happy since you left. All I want to say is please co…

I was poisoned.

Hazel Brown eyes - smiling, perfectly set up Black hair, Blue jeans, White shirt, one hand placed on his side, and with other he was rubbing his head, biting his lips to hide his smile - he was everything I could ever desire standing right in front of me. Not for a moment I even tried to look away. I was looking at him directly, without setting down my gaze, I was awestruck, spell-bounded, helplessly looking at him. And then, he looked at me...

He looked at me and I was doomed and he looked away. He looked at me for a tiniest of second and I knew I have lost it. I have lost it completely. With his only slightest stare, he had my desires unleashed, my curiosities awaken, my hopes higher, my feelings unveiled, my guilts naked, and my mind out of control.

I was still there, I hadn't moved a bit. I was not staring at him anymore and all I was doing was to think about him over and over again, rethink, overthink, and overly overthink. Play those moments in my mind, replay those moments…

You're again awake in my inability to sleep.

All tired, and exhausted from working all the day long, all sleepy, I lie down on my bed and as soon as I close my eyes all these feelings of being tired and dull vanished, and now all I can do is to think about you, miss you, over think you.

Trying too hard to resist it; you, your cravings, trying too hard to sleep I go back down to the memory lane and it all starts to play in my mind - again.

It was another ordinary night when I per my habit was going through my contacts on Whatsapp, reading their statuses. I had always believed that what one says or writes about casually is more than what it seems to be. Nothing is casual, we tend to speak about things casually when we are unable to say them abruptly because we know it won't make any sense but deep down these are the things that bother us the most, that matter the most. And while going through all of those statuses I came across yours saying, "The world is yours". I smiled and wondered how you are so different - and …

To unlove him..

That day when I was talking about how it feels to love you they said, how about if you try to resist this feeling, to forget him and move on, to unlove him - that when I know loving you will take my life away, and that loving you is toxic, and deadly, and oh-so-brutal, then why am I loving you anyway, I should stop!

Listening to their argument, I smiled. I smiled and then burst into a laughter so loud. I laughed out loud all my pain, and aches, and tears. I gathered all my courage, smiled again - broad and bright. I took a deep breath and begin to speak - again - this time about how it is to unlove you.

Breaking the silence of the death, I uttered words - words they never wanted to hear. I stared at them all - one by one - and said, "Do you really think I never tried to stop, to resist, to get over him, to unlove him?" They all nodded affirming and I continued, "I tried, and I tried a lot to unlove him. To unlove him is like you are on ventilator suffering from respira…

Loving him is easy.

Loving him is so lively - it is like breathing. When you're young and healthy and full of life. Loving him is not something I need to do but something I am doing all the time - without realizing, without planning, without even thinking of it. Loving him is involuntary - something I do earnestly, with all my heart, without caring of consequences.

Loving him is like appearing in the exam and you see the question paper and it looks like you know all the right answers - you smile and boost yourself up and begin to pen down the things you might have never seen before - never learn before. You have no clue what you are writing but you're writing anyway - and that too flawlessly, without any mistake, unstoppable, and confidently. And here is your result - you top the exam, you succeeded through it, and all that effortlessly.

Loving him is like listening to your favorite songs on the way to home and it seems like someone has set up the playlist to all your favorite songs - and they a…

He was just good at Psychology!

There was nothing about him that I didn't like. He was full of likeliness to be fell for. I was getting more and more into him with every passing day and it was natural, it was involuntary, and it was oh-so-majestically-beautiful. I was falling for him uncontrollably and to be honest I never regretted it.

There was not a single time when I was not thinking about him and this was clearly impossible for me to ignore him. Every time I looked, everywhere I looked - I looked for him. It was him I found my eyes searching for in the crowd of thousands and thousands of people. It was him I wanted to see, I wanted to catch the glimpse of even in the places where he was impossible to found. I found me looking for him in my room, in the middle of the night, whenever I woke up from the sleep, I used to search him in my family gatherings, I longed to see his face in the stupidest places like in ladies restroom, or in my arms, or alongside me - ironically, I never found him though!

I might be …

Women are not weak, they are strong, they are precious, they are valuable.

They call us weak, huh?! They say we need them to protect us because we are weak..
She said, annoyingly. She was pissed off. She was angry. She was sad. But what was she sad for? She was sad because she saw a man screaming at his wife on the road, bashing her, abusing her, and most of all because he was calling her weak as she is a woman. And what was more ironic - that she didn't reply him, she didn't fight for herself, rather she accepted what he said - quietly. She was crying in the middle of the road and her husband was not calming down. Many tried to ask him to relax but he was too out of control, he didn't listen. And this all took her in shock - extreme shock.
She was now telling about that incident to her mother. She had always seen her father respecting her mom. She was brought up in a calm, and a very loving family. She has never heard her father shouting on her mom or vice verse.  They were always polite to each other but what she saw today made her learn about …

When a fuckboy fall in love.

Hey, you look beautiful! ;)

Her mobile beeped and she unlocked it to read the notification. He was texting her after a whole year of ghosting quietly, yet she was not surprised or amazed or anything. She kinda knew it, she knew he will text her today, however, she didn't expect it to happen this sooner but she knew.

She was in the restaurant along with her friends to grab some lunch when she saw him. He was sitting right in front of her with a pretty girl by his side. That girl's eyes were sparkling as she was talking to him, she was glowing - knowing he is with her, she looked happy. And him, he was just the same old cold-hearted boy, he was gazing at her with that very same evil smirk knowing that girl has fallen in his trap too, like every other girl he ever had his eye on. He was smiling at something his girl said when he saw HER. He was not smiling anymore, his face was plain now, completely expressionless, cold plain. He had seen her after a year and he was surprised, he…

To me, you are perfect!

Since then,
When I saw you for the first time, Or the second, or third, or maybe after then too, In your smiles, Your smirks, your quirks, The way you cupped your face in your palms, Or the way you gently brush your hand in your hair, That day when you were all sweaty, tired, with all your hair messed up, Or that time when you were sober, suited booted, In all the things you loved about yourself, And,
In all your insecurities,
That time when your eyes were all red because of sleeplessness,
And then, when you were rubbing them to hide your tears,
In the times, when you were afraid,
And then, when you were bold and courageous and brave,

In your silences,
And even in your whining,
That last time you were too scared to hold my hand,
And then, when you kissed me in public,
In your tensed moments,
While you were struggling and you felt helpless,
And even when I saw you comforting others,
In the way you walk, you run, you hike,
In all the ways you glance, you stare, you gaze,
When you were …

My eyes were shining on the favor my Lord sent.

I breathed loss, and I walked loneliness,
When you unfold your hands in mine.
I cried blood, and I sobbed glee,
When I lost my glance in your eyes.
All the times we laughed, we wept together,
The joys we shared, the moments we gathered,
The promises you made, the vows you sing,
The oaths you read, eventual rather.
The sighs we gasped, the love we made,
The pain we bore, the mirth we had,
My soul was hemorrhaged with the pain you give,
My heart was pounding but my body was dead.

I wiped my tears and tried to smile,
I took a step and hiked a mile,
I stopped near the bench with emptiness in my mind,
It was the place where we seated for a while.
I recalled all the times,
With the possibility of us united again,
How I beseeched you to not to leave,
How all my begging goes in vain.
Your insulting smirks and guiltless sight,
Stabbed my heart to lose the fight,
I wondered where my love went wrong,
My feelings for you weren't enough, right?

I perceived my mistake to ask you to stay,
And h…

Delicious Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Chicken Spaghetti, an easy to cook and super delicious meal to rejoice your taste buds.
It is one of my most favorite dishes and I am more than happy to share with y'all the simplest and tastiest recipe of Chicken Spaghetti right out of my mommy's kitchen.

Ingredients Ingredients that you will need to gather are as follows,

Whole raw chicken: 1, cut the chicken into eight equal pieces. Spaghetti: 1 pound, break it into 2-inch pieces.Cheddar: 2 1/2 cups, sharply shredded.Green bell pepper: 1/4 cup, finely diced.Red bell pepper: 1/4 cup, finely diced.Seasoned salt: 1 teaspoon.Cayenne pepper: 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon.Cream of mushroom soup: 2 10-3/4-ounce cans.Medium onion: 1, finely diced.Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
How To Cook? Once you have gathered all the required ingredients listed above, all you need to do is to follow these simple directions,

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
Add the chicken pieces to the boiling water and boil for…

YouTube will not let creators to make money unless they get 10K views

YouTube has changed its partner program to protect genuine creators' video from being copied.

Five years back, YouTube began their partner program to almost everybody. This permitted anyone to sign up, upload videos, and instantly start earning through it. It, consequently, boosted the YouTube growth into the web’s largest video platform. However, every rose has its thorns, and with YouTube's popularity came other problems too. Users started uploading other people's videos either without letting them know or by going against their consent.

Today, in order to battle them, YouTube has taken a major step by changing some policies of its partner program. From today onwards, users won’t be able to make money unless they get 10,000-lifetime views on their channel. YouTube thinks that this approach will teach them to accumulate enough knowledge to know if it’s legal. Plus, it is also not exorbitant as to prevent new users from getting started with the service.

Ariel Bardin, YouTu…

Who is stalking me on Facebook?

"Who is viewing my Facebook profile on daily basis?" has always been a question that almost all of us have wondered about, but never got a clue.

And If you were to state you've never pondered who's been looking your Facebook timeline, you'd be lying, undoubtedly. Almost all of us are keen to know who've been looking for us and flicking through our profile pictures. (Right or naah?!)

Furthermore, despite the fact that there are plenty of applications that claim to disclose to you who's been on your profile, yet they obviously never work — which is exactly the reason you're here, reading this article to reveal "Who's been stalking you on Facebook".

To calm your curiosity, Facebook has recently added a new element, which imparts an unmistakable similarity to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories a.k.a Facebook stories.

Yes, I am talking about the well-known and most talked about clone of Snapchat's stories, Facebook Stories — a feature…

Mastodon will soon lash out Twitter?!

Begun by 24-year-old Eugen Rochko, Mastodon lets users create accounts, subscribe others, and update statuses, "toots status", a lot like tweeting using Twitter but not completely like Twitter.
What is Mastodon? Mastodon is a sort of free, open-source, user-friendly software known as "GNU social", where anybody can run their own instance. Plus, it is not any other Twitter client instead of a non-commercial version of Twitter with better privacy controls and a more intuitive interface. It is a decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it removes the likelihood of a single organization controlling your communication. You can pick your own entrusted server and interact with everyone else.

That clearly means Jack Dorsey is not the owner and Rochko do not monetize user data. Truth be told, even money doesn't seem to be the reason at all. Rochko, who lives in Germany, has so far managed to fund the project with just a Patreon account with a target goal of o…