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Isn't it pure nothingness?
When you are already dead,
Dead inside,
With no hopes for the better future,
No one to love,
No nothing..
When you are barely alive,
Struggling to breath,
Trying to live,
All alone in the darkness of this world,
No friends - no one to care..
When you feel nothing,
When you're numb,
No bruise hurts anymore,
No joy makes you happy,
When your tears are dry,
It has been ages you last smile..
You are waiting for death to come to you,
But you have to live anyway,
When your soul is dying,
But your body is striving to live..
It feels like you are nothing,
This world is nothing,
Everything is void,
Everyone is dead,
You are lonely,
You are only..

Isn't it utter nothingness?
And you know what,
When it's nothing,
When you're nothing,
When everything has vanished,
When your life has finished,
When you are staring blankly at everyone,
Who once were your loved ones,
Everything that once was your life,
Has been destroyed right before your eyes,
And all you can do is nothing,
All you are allowed to feel is nothing,
Respond nothing, say nothing, complain nothing,
And you know what this nothingness is so heavy,
This nothingness is so brutal,
This nothingness cuts your heart in zillion pieces,
Pieces that continually bleed,
Bleed pain,
Bleed lost,
Bleed death,
But you have to live,
And all you can do about it is nothing,
Nothing at all.
And they say nothing never matter,
Only if they know nothing can sometimes kill you,
brutally, painfully, relentlessly,
Endlessly, forever!
This is nothingness...


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