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To me, you are perfect!

Since then,
When I saw you for the first time,
Or the second, or third, or maybe after then too,
In your smiles,
Your smirks, your quirks,
The way you cupped your face in your palms,
Or the way you gently brush your hand in your hair,
That day when you were all sweaty, tired, with all your hair messed up,
Or that time when you were sober, suited booted,
In all the things you loved about yourself,
In all your insecurities,
That time when your eyes were all red because of sleeplessness,
And then, when you were rubbing them to hide your tears,
In the times, when you were afraid,
And then, when you were bold and courageous and brave,

In your silences,
And even in your whining,
That last time you were too scared to hold my hand,
And then, when you kissed me in public,
In your tensed moments,
While you were struggling and you felt helpless,
And even when I saw you comforting others,
In the way you walk, you run, you hike,
In all the ways you glance, you stare, you gaze,
When you were ashamed of your mistakes,
And especially when you didn't feel a little embarrassment for hurting me,
In your promises, kept or broken,
In your lies,
When you were honest,
And when you were hiding your dark secrets,
When you glanced like a pure innocent angel,
And when you were full of agony of Demons,
When you grabbed me,
And when you threw me away,
When you were here,
And now when you are not,

In all the times, all the moments we spent together,
And now, in all the emptiness and void in my heart,
In the ways you made me laugh so hard I forgot to breathe,
To the time, when you stabbed my heart with your cold behavior,
And made me howl,
When you were happy to have me,
And to you, I was your miracle,
And in the times when you hated me,
And I was unbearable pain in the ass,
When you loved me like crazy,
Ane then when I was too much to handle,
To the time when you make me feel crazy for you,
And when you left me feeling insane about you,
Every time, in each of that time,
When you see it, and when you don't,
To me, you were perfect!
Oh, I could keep listing it,
And will never get tired,
Just to tell you that no matter what happen,
No worries how we end up,
To me, you'll always be perfect,
Just to say,
To me, you're perfect!

Speaking truth,
I don't remember when I saw you for the first time,
or the second, or the third,
But I remember,
the first time I noticed you,
You were laughing bending over,
Your eyes were closed, tightly,
You halt your laughter slightly,
And laughed even louder this time,
Since then,
When I first noticed you,
The way you were laughing,
In the ways you cracked jokes,
And in the times you were continuously speaking,
Or when you made those silly faces at your friends,
And especially when you passed that sarcastic comment,
In the way you set your hair, your scarf, or your lipstick,
The way you nodded, you focused, you blushed,
In the times when you were silly and naughty,
In the ways, you always grabbed my attention,
Intentionally, or without your intervention,
In the times when you were a hot mess, all fucked up,
Or when you were all pretty and perfectly dressed up,
The way you looked when wind blew you hair,
And then your expressions when you had to set them again,
The way you answer my questions wittily,
Or when you went speechless on something I said stupidly,
In your intelligence, and in your ignorance,
Or in your decency, or your insanity,
In all the ways you smiled,
When happy, and when out of sadness,
The way your eyes sparkled when you talk about your passions,
In all the ways you rush, you panic, you were anxious,
To the times when you were calm, you were restful, you were undisturbed,
When the first time you smiled at me,
And then when the first time I made you laugh,
The way you ignored me,
To the times when I was your only thought,
In the ways you showed you anger, you um, you shouted,
To the ways you loved, you were gentle, and polite.
In the times when you didn't want to talk to me,
To the times when all you wanted is to be with me,
To the time when you needed me, pleaded me,
And the times you hated me, you left me,
In the ways you stared at me, blushed, and looked away,
To the times you eyed up, you, bit your lip, and aroused me,
In the times you made faces when I tried to touch you,
To the times you kissed me unstoppably, passionately, recklessly,
In the ways your eyes looked like when I hurt you,
And then the times when they shined after I pleased you,
In all the ways you walk, you talk, in all your postures,
In all your oh-so-beautiful expressions, your gestures,
To the times when you were my home, my guard, my shelter,
And in the times when you were pain in the ass, absolutely crazy inspector,
To the times you entrusted me, my goals, my ambitions,
And then when you called me a spoiled child, with no rules, no destinations,
In the ways, you cared for me like a mother,
To the times, you left me  for another,
In the days we were one, we were together,
And now when you don't talk and behave like strangers,
To me, you were always perfect..
To me, you'll always be perfect,
Regardless of consequences, our future, our fate,
Not caring about what will happen to us next,
To me, you are perfect,


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