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Women are not weak, they are strong, they are precious, they are valuable.

They call us weak, huh?! They say we need them to protect us because we are weak..

She said, annoyingly. She was pissed off. She was angry. She was sad. But what was she sad for?
She was sad because she saw a man screaming at his wife on the road, bashing her, abusing her, and most of all because he was calling her weak as she is a woman. And what was more ironic - that she didn't reply him, she didn't fight for herself, rather she accepted what he said - quietly. She was crying in the middle of the road and her husband was not calming down. Many tried to ask him to relax but he was too out of control, he didn't listen. And this all took her in shock - extreme shock.

She was now telling about that incident to her mother. She had always seen her father respecting her mom. She was brought up in a calm, and a very loving family. She has never heard her father shouting on her mom or vice verse.  They were always polite to each other but what she saw today made her learn about a whole new face of life, the face of this world - where women are treated weak.

She wanted to stop and tell him that women are not weak, that they are stronger - stronger than anyone else. She wanted to stop him but she was in her car on the way to the office. She was already running late and her mom had always told her not to poke her nose in other's matter - so... she didn't. But this incident had affected the peace of her mind, she thought and thought more about it and when she failed to get over it, she decided to pen it down and so she did.

To all the men over there, I do respect you all. You are strong, you are amazing. When as father, or brother, or husband, or maybe as friend, or uncle, or granddad, or whatever relation - you are all amazing, and I respect you a lot. From the very first day of my life when I started to understand things, world, relationships, and love, I realized how you all are always working hard for us, for your families. How you all are always trying your best to take care of us, love us, and protect us. And I should accept it now, that you all the amazing strong men have made our life easier and better and more lively. Thanks to all of you for that - big grand thanks!!


To all of you same men over there, I have something else to say too. When I do accept how important you all are, you all should know and accept this too - we women are important as well. You call us weak because you think we need you to protect us. And when at many times you are quite right about it, I would still argue about those sometimes when you are not.

Yes, you're right, we need you, we depend on you, and we rely on you to protect us. But, do you know why?

It is not because we are weak, or vulnerable, or that we need you to protect us. It is because some of you are weak!!

Surprised? You should be.

We women are not weak. Actually, and to be honest, we women are very strong. And sometimes stronger than you all as well. It is us, women, who brought you in this world. It is us, the same women you call weak, who brought you up with so much love and care and patience and strength. It is us women who supported you in every walk of your life. It is us women who loved you when you were easy to love and when you were quite the opposite. It is us women who trusted you, honored you, and respected you. And all this not because we are weak. We did this because we know we are strong and we don't need to prove it all the time to you or everybody else that how important we are and how mighty we are.

It is scientifically proven that the most pain any person can endure is the mother when she is giving birth to her child. We women does that, are we still weaker than you? Then they say it is easy to bring a child to his life than bearing the pain when someone hit their balls. They claim it, ironically, because women ask to have another child but they never asked to get hit in their balls again. Little did they know that they are the weakest when they use this argument to prove them to be stronger. Yes, you are right, we women do ask to have another child, and more. You know why? It is because we are stronger than all of you. To us, love is bigger than any pain, and when it hurts a little a lot to give birth to your child, it is still nothing compared to the very first sight of our baby, and the love we feel when they first call us mom, or when they first smile, laugh, walk, or even cry.

Yes, we need you to protect us, but do you understand who do we need you to protect us from? We need you to protect us from all the other men over there who are not strong enough to fight their lustful desires. And we would have never been called weak if you were all stronger enough to battle your lewd.

We would never be weak if you had fought all those evil monsters who tried to exploit us instead of locking us in the doors and belittling us. We would have been strong if you all had never asked us to keep our mouth shut when our uncle touched us in wrong ways for the first time when we were kids. We would have been able to fight our own battles better than you had done all this time if you had never stopped us to answer that ignorant aunt who blamed us wrongly in front of all our relatives. And we would have been the strongest if we knew that you trust us just the same as we trusted you and that you will support us too just the way we supported you in all the matters of life.

And still, when you didn't do all of this for us when you didn't allow us to raise our voices, to talk our concerns, to fight our battles, to take our chances, and most of all to live this life just the way you guys do - we still stood up, worked hard, proved everyone else wrong, and stayed strong. Even when most of you failed to appreciate us, our existence, our love, and care, and patience, and especially our strength, we still respected you all, adored you, and let you all protect us. Despite the fact that we knew that we deserve more and better.

We let you protect us because we know we are precious and more honorable and even when you think we are weak, we are your pride because it is human nature that they tend to protect something valuable, something precious, something worthful. Did you ever see someone protecting a stone, I would doubt. But we all protect gold, and diamond, and all the things that are expensive and close to our heart. And so we let you all protect us, not because we think we are weak, but because we know we are special, and dear, and treasured.

We bear all the pain and persist all the problems, and abide all the bashing, only because we respect you. And not because we are weak. And I would not be wrong to warn you to fear the day when we will stop doing this, when we will stop letting you treat us this way, because that day we will be strong openly, we will be hard to fix, we will be difficult to calm down, we will be mightier, and stronger, and impossible to fight. And that day we will not allow you to abuse us, or even explain, rather we will fight back, and leave. And then, you will be alone. And then you all will realize that it was not us who were weak instead it was you.

And to all the women, just don't forget and never let anyone tell you otherwise, we women are not weak, we are not victims, and we don't need men to protect us. We are able to fight our own battles, to win our chances, to stand our choices, to speak our minds. We are independent, we are bold, we are courageous. We have fire in our eyes, and passion in our soul. We are strong and we can do everything we want to. Stop treating yourself any lesser, any lower and stop accepting what is wrong. Raise your voice and live your life a little more. Stay strong, stay blessed!!


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