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When a fuckboy fall in love.

Hey, you look beautiful! ;)

Her mobile beeped and she unlocked it to read the notification. He was texting her after a whole year of ghosting quietly, yet she was not surprised or amazed or anything. She kinda knew it, she knew he will text her today, however, she didn't expect it to happen this sooner but she knew.

She was in the restaurant along with her friends to grab some lunch when she saw him. He was sitting right in front of her with a pretty girl by his side. That girl's eyes were sparkling as she was talking to him, she was glowing - knowing he is with her, she looked happy. And him, he was just the same old cold-hearted boy, he was gazing at her with that very same evil smirk knowing that girl has fallen in his trap too, like every other girl he ever had his eye on. He was smiling at something his girl said when he saw HER. He was not smiling anymore, his face was plain now, completely expressionless, cold plain. He had seen her after a year and he was surprised, he had imagined her crying, becoming a whole wreck of pain, messed up, and tired. Then there was her, chuckling at something her friend said, she was looking breathtakingly beautiful, giggling, smiling, setting her hair, laughing out loud, and then setting her hair again. He noticed her hair has grown - she never liked long hair, what made her grow them, he asked himself while looking at her. His girl was still saying something but now he wasn't listening, he was now thinking of his past, how many girls he had trapped, used, misused, abused, overused and then left, how many hearts he had broken, and how it never bothered him - but now, now was not the same, he was not feeling the same, he was not confident anymore, his mind had gone empty of tricks, he was afraid - for the very first time. He kept looking at her, noticing how she has started living again, it reminded him of that old, crying, begging for his love, stupid and fucked up her - what made her happy?

He then saw a guy approaching her, smiling, waving, greeting, and then shaking hands - who was that guy? That guy was tall, fair, with a wide smile on his face, he was touching her face - rubbing gently, playing with her hair as they both were talking eye to eye. He felt a rush - in his veins, he felt fire - in his heart, he felt like something has cut him inside and he is bleeding, he felt anything but fine. He was now sweating, he was in pain, he had never realized this before but now, he has realized it now that this time he was the one to lose, that this time he has tricked and played with his own heart, that this time it wasn't any girl hurting - it was him, that this time he was ruined - completely and devastatingly.

He wasn't listening to his girl, the waiter had served them their order and it was getting cold. His girl tried to took his attention towards it but it was of no use. Now he was staring blankly at the wall, thinking where did everything go wrong, how he messed it up, why he didn't realize it before. He was feeling pain, the pain of losing her, the pain of watching someone else giving her attention, touching her, making her laugh, but more than that he felt the pain of love, aching-bleeding-love. And then she saw him.

She saw him and what was amazing that she didn't feel anything, she just looked at him, she looked at that girl sitting beside him, and then she looked away. He didn't bother her for the first time, she was talking to her guy now, leaving him in shock. Whatever did he imagine ever, he never has ever thought of her not caring about him, about his presence like this. He was feeling more devastated now. His girlfriend again asked him to start eating and he, just like a robot, followed what she said and started eating. Although he had ordered his favorite meal, it somehow failed to taste. He was confused nothing was making sense, what his girl was saying, the taste of the food, the surrounding, the music, and especially her.

He played with her feelings, he cheated on her, and then he left her without saying a single word, without even giving a single warning, without any goodbye. She should have been mad at him, she should have come to him and yelled, she should have started crying and blaming and she should have asked questions, but what she did was completely opposite and senseless, she ignored him. Actually, she didn't even ignore him, it was like she never knew him. He tried to look good, he tried to gather his courage, he tried to prove his instinct wrong - once again, he tried to run away from his feelings - once again. But it was not happening, it was not easy, he failed it, she failed him, love failed him. He felt astray, he felt lost, he felt helpless, and then he typed that text and send it.

LOL, thanks! but you shouldn't be texting me right now. She is good, do not let her go.

He read her reply, a little hope rose in him - at least she replied.

Oh, we're just friends... Forget her!
And you tell, should I come there?
Who is that guy, friend, huh?

He sent 3 texts back-to-back, he didn't wait this time to reply back, he didn't want to play games anymore, he knew he has doomed.

If you were just friends, you wouldn't be sitting by her side, here, taking lunch. I know you, you would be somewhere else doing what you're good at. She is beautiful and she loves you. I have seen that in her eyes, don't fool her, and please stop playing these games. Take care of her before it's too late. And about him, we're together, HE IS MINE! Hope, you've got my point. Now, get back to her and do not waste your time texting me. B'bye! :)

She lied, and she purposefully ignored his second text. She put her phone in her bag and get back to her friends. She was chuckling again, but inside her, she was terribly hurt and bleeding, but she didn't want to get used again. She had to do this. She had to lie. And deep down she prayed him to fight for her, fight for their love - at least once.

And him, he happy-happy opened her text, smiling, and then his smile vanished, he wasn't happy anymore. He didn't expect this reply. Today, she was surprising him over and over again. His heart was pounding a lot faster now, he would actually listen to his heart beats. He was trembling a little and today he realized why she used to tremble alongside him. She was so much in love with him and she had always known his intentions and that's why there was a clear quiver in her voice every time she spoke to him and that's why her hands used to shake whenever he reached out to touch her. He knew now that love makes your hands shake, your body tremble, your heart beats faster, voice quiver, and rushing in your veins. He knew now how she felt before.

He tried to type his reply but his hands were shaking so vigorously that he had to throw his phone away, sit back and relax. His girlfriend was angry now, saying something rudely. But how she saw it, broke her heart. It appeared to her like he was feeling irritated that his move didn't work and that's the reason he threw his phone away and lay back to come up with a new plan.

She stopped smiling, she was hurt, and she promised herself to not fall into his trap again. She got back with her friends. He, watching her talking to her friends, and happy, left his chair, handed over the bill, asked his girl to go back home, and walked out the hall.

He was hurt, he was in love, and to him, it looked like he has lost his everything, his courage, his confidence, peace of mind, but mostly her. And she felt the same, she has lost him once again. They both were hurting, they both were in love, but they both failed to show it. It was maybe because of the lack of communication, or maybe because this was their fate and they were not meant for each other, or maybe just maybe there was something more to it that they didn't see now...

It is ironic to fall in love and never being reciprocated, but what is more ironic is to FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO  LOVES YOU JUST THE SAME YET IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU, they knew now! They both moved their own ways, regretting, grieving, bearing the pain of lost love. She had already bore this pain before. She was stronger now. But for him, it was something new, something so painful, something terrible, and today he realized what love is, and how much it hurts when who you love the most is not yours. He understood it was karma avenging him - to break so many innocent hearts, to play with so many girls' feelings, to make fun of love and its ache, and especially to never gather enough courage to accept his feelings. Today, a player was played upon, a fooler had fooled himself, a betrayal had got hurt, and most of all a fuck boy had fallen in love.


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