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Her doll house!

Her ambition as a child was to become happy, she was different from kids of her age. When every kid wanted to become pilot, doctor, engineer, she wanted to become happy. It is not that she wasn't happy then, she was. In fact, she had this perfect child life, loving and caring parents, irritating yet affectionate siblings, perfect home, a plenty of dresses, shoes and other accessories and let's not forget about her perfect doll house — cute pair of doll and groom with two little doll kids, their tiny furniture, dresses, and toy kitchen.

She used to spend all her free time playing with these dolls, loving them, taking care of them. It was her little world she grew old with. She used to write diary while talking to her dolls, it was her escape.

Now she was in her teenage, age of vulnerability, raw-emotions. Age to aspire, educate, confuse, experiment and build. She was naive, she was learning. Her age of romanticizing things has just been started and this grew her affection for her doll house even more. It wasn't just a doll house now, it was her fantasy, her dreams, her perfect world of love.

Her aunt along with her kids was coming to stay after 8 long years. She was so excited, helping her mom in doing house chores, reminiscing the last time her aunt visited them, she couldn't be happier.

Finally, the day had arrived, her parents left for the airport to welcome her aunt. All ready with her siblings, she was waiting impatiently for them to come. She heard the sound of the horn and ran towards the main gate, they were all here. Giggling, laughing, she hugged all of them one by one, telling how much she has missed them all this time.

Days were passing fast, they were enjoying get-togethers, dinners, parties and picnics. She was getting off well with them. The only thing she was missing then was her doll house and her diary, she couldn't take out the time to play with it in but it was okay.

Her cousins had grown up too and they were not naughty anymore. They all grew closer to each other in quite a little time. They passed their day playing chess and video games, going on long drives and doing midnight talks in the garden.

That day, she decided to skip some time to write about how much she was enjoying with her cousins and how kind was her aunt. She entered the storeroom where she had kept her doll house, took out her diary and started writing. She was so absorbed in writing she didn't saw when her cousin came inside the store. He was looking at her writing and smiling. Driven by her habit, She started talking to her dolls. It all looked really amusing to him and i the thought of teasing her, he snatched her doll and began imitating her. Embarrassed, she tried to take her doll back, she didn't want everyone else to know about it and make fun of her. But he kept making fun of her and he certainly was not in the mood to let it go any sooner.

She was feeling abashed, her face turned red, begging him to give her doll back, promising that she will never play with them again. She attempted to grasp her doll quickly out of his firm hold and as a result, the doll broke.

And now, she was blankly staring at her broken doll, with tears in her eyes. Looking at her sad face he stopped, handed her doll and left the room apologizing. Tears were running down her face, her doll had died, her perfect house was broken. She bit her lips tightly, restraining herself from making noise while she cried bitterly. It was her little world and her beloved cousin had ruined it.

That day, she learned the first lesson of her life,

That sometimes  the people we loved the most, cared about the most, adored the most, break our heart too. And not just that they break it, the worst part is they will leave afterward not caring about how much it had hurt.

They just apologize  and that too only sometimes, and then they leave. It's now you, your heartbreaks, your tears. Nobody is gonna make you feel better and nobody will even try.

Though it was just a doll house but for her, it was her escape, her source of enjoyment, her fantasy love  and now it had been broken, she was crying and no one wastherer to console her, to comfort her and worse, she couldn't complain.


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