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Mavi Ad Starring Kivanç Tatlitug Is Out Now!

Previously, I have talked about Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ being the brand ambassador of Mavi 2017 Spring/Summer collection. The shooting has been wrapped up and the advertisement has been filmed completely and is finally out on all social media accounts and TV channels starring the one and only 'King Of Blues',  Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ.

 Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, one of the super talented and the most good looking celebrity of Turkey, is looking all ravishing and sexy in the advertisement.

Mavi took its Twitter account to break the news about its ad publishement around 10 p.m.

Buluşmaya çok az kaldı! Kıvanç ile yeni reklam filmi bu akşam 22:00’da tüm TV kanallarında ve Mavi sosyal medya hesaplarında. #kıvanç — Mavi (@mavi) March 27, 2017
Undoubtedly, Tatlıtuğ has done great job modelling the brand. He looks beyond hot and perfectly stunning. All his fans are going crazy over his crazy sexy looks, smirks and quirks.

Actor has posted the advertisement on his Facebook accou…

Facebook updates 'Trending Topics' feature with less fake news now

Facebook has finally settled on a successful way to list basic news stories by updating its trending topics, almost free of fake news.

Facebook has deployed a revised and more effective version of its most controversial feature i.e "Trending Topics" on Thursday. It has been upgraded to show each user a standardized list of news stories based on an automated survey of what a diverse collection of media outlets are covering. Previously, each individual user saw a personalized list of news stories in the Trending module.

Log onto Facebook's desktop version, there you'll see 'Trending stories' on the right. Stories are sorted according to topic and feature headlines pulled directly from news outlets. Clicking into the topics shows you related media, links and posts.

It works almost the same way on the mobile app, though you only see Trending stories after tapping on the search bar.

This update is designed to minimize the proliferated fake news crises on social p…

You're My Inspiration!

You're my inspiration,
Since the day you ghosted,
Didn't answer my calls,
Did not reply my texts..

Since the day you walked away,
without letting me know,
without saying a word..

Since the day all the things you once loved about me,
Started to annoy you,
Started to Bother you..

Since the day you decided not to love me anymore,
Not to think about how am I doing,
Not to care about how will I survive without you..

Since the day you changed your home,
From my heart to a place unknown,
From my arms to that pretty girl's bed..

Since the day you escaped,
Since the day you left me in the midst of dark road,
Empty handed,

Since that day,
You have been my inspiration,
You're an inspiration to my midnight screaming,
My insane laugh while I'm crying,
My unstoppable tears when I'm smiling.

You're an inspiration to my half read book,
Semi closed door,
One sided smile,
Incomplete poem,
And obviously my leftover relationship.

Since that day,
You're my insp…

Our Last Goodbye!!

You were denying your love for me, again..
And I would have believed you,
Oh, I would have believed you like I did before,
When we talked for the first time and you told me,
Told me that you're not into anyone,
And you are not the kind of guy who fall for anyone,
I would have believed you so easily,
If I had never seen the dilation of your pupils every time you looked at me,
Or the way you blushed when I ogled you a little too long,
Or the way you stared at me when I was dancing,
Or how you looked away when I caught your glance,
You didn't just look away,
You smirked too, I saw it..
Or the way you always stood facing me,
No matter wherever we are, no matter how far we are,
Or the way you mirrored my expressions, my gestures, unknowingly..
Or the way you laughed a little longer on my every joke,
Even when it was the lamest, most dumbest joke ever!!
Or the way you couldn't stand it when I talked to some other guy,
The way you got jealous, or insecure,
The way you bragged ab…

Facebook now lets anyone go Live from a desktop

Facebook will now let you go live using your laptop or computer screen too.

Yes, you guys read it right!!

After adding live streaming feature to mobile, Facebook is now doing the same for desktops and laptops.

From today on, you can stream through Facebook’s web interface. Though, the feature has been available on Pages for some time now, but now Facebook has added this feature for your profile too.

What is more amazing is that desktop support opens up Facebook to a complete new level of live streaming. Facebook can now do more astonishing and handful things like screen sharing, inserting graphics, or using multi-camera setups with support for standard streaming software.

Good news for gamers,
Facebook is literally becoming a platform for gaming streams. You can start a stream from your News Feed, profile, and then paste your server URL or stream key just like any other service. Plus, you can label the video too.

So y'all crazy gamers, why not start streaming your games on Facebo…

Facebook adds Mentions and Reactions to group chats on Messenger

To be honest, I have been waiting for Facebook to add this feature for way too long.

Oh, I din't tell you about the feature, probably because I was too excited. For your guys information, Facebook is adding features to mention and react in your group conversations in Messenger.

You can now use reactions during group conversations, as well as tag specific person or persons using the ‘@’ symbol, just like you do in Whatsapp groups. Yayyyy!

That means you can now react in your messages too. Reactions are useful a lot to express your feelings towards a news instead of a generic Like or typing a long reply. Plus, Messenger also offers a thumbs down reaction to let others now about your disapproval, something that is yet not available on Facebook.

In the mean time, the @mentions will be useful when you want to address someone particular in a conversation. As with WhatsApp – which added a similar feature a few months ago – it will be particularly appreciated (or annoying) in all those l…

Facebook is finally adding a new GIF button in comments

Since the day of its development, Facebook is continually evolving. From a website for college students to discuss lectures and share notes to becoming one of the biggest and major social platform in just 13 years, Facebook has gone through several changes, enhancements and betterment.

Now, the social network has confirmed on Friday that they are planning to start testing a new GIF button in comments, that means we will finally be able to use proper reaction GIFs.

However it is yet not clear if the test, GIF button in Facebook comments, will become an official feature. Right now, the feature is just an experiment.

“Everyone loves a good GIF and we know that people want to be able to use them in comments. So we're about to start testing the ability to add GIFs to comments and we'll share more when we can, but for now we repeat that this is just a test.”
Facebook added support for GIFs in News Feed in 2015 but the format hasn't been supported in comments till now. However, i…

I found true love.

You have come far,
Far away from okay.
And now you realize there is no turning back.
You've fallen completely, oh so undoubtedly for that person.
And what is sad,
He don't even know.
And what is even more wistful,
Even if he knew, he wouldn't have been yours.
It seems like everything has finished,
Your hopes, your strength, worse - your existence.
And you're just gonna vanish in the air of nothingness and loneliness for the rest of your life.
There is no way to happiness now,
there is no way to peace...

But then you hear Him calling you,
Telling you that you're not worthless,
And that, He loves you more than anything,
His love is even greater than combined love of 70 mothers or more,
That He loves you unconditionally and no matter what happen,
He'll never stop loving you,
Or showing it.
He then makes you realize your real value,
That how important you're,
How beautiful you are,
How, despite of all your mistakes and wrongdoings, perfect you are.
He then showers His never ending ble…

You made my day!

My interest continues to grow in you, with every passing day. It was hard to keep my eyes off from you and even harder to not think about you. You were on my mind all the time, intentionally, unintentionally. It wouldn't be unfair to say you had started bothering me and funny thing was that you didn't even know.

As our group grew, my friend stopped talking about you. I wanted her to tell me what's up in your life, what you like/dislike, I wanted her to tell me everything about you, yet I was scared of getting embarrassed and so, I never had the courage to ask her.

Now, all I could do was to stare you, time to time, in the class, after the class. That day was a complete waste, when you bunked the school, I used to miss you a lot. A lot. All the time. I still wonder about it, and I am not kidding, I actually do, I even now ask myself, what was so enticing about you that made me fall so hard for you, all just in one day. You were this ordinary guy and then you were everythin…

Easy to Make, Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe!

Chocolate cupcakes: nom nom!

Just typing its name watered my mouth! Sure, your mouth is watery too right now!? And if you have come here to learn easy to bake, chocolate cupcakes recipe, a wholehearted welcome to you.

How to make deliciously amazing chocolate cupcakes at home?
Here's a simple recipe from my friend's kitchen. (Thank you Masooma!!)

Ingredients: Following are the ingredients you will need to make chocolate cupcakes at home:
Brown Sugar: 1/2 cup  Self raising flour: 1/2 cup Cocoa powder: 1/2 cup Milk: 1/2 cup Oil: 1/2 cup Egg: 1, beat it until it become double in volume and fluffy white. Dash salt: 1 Baking powder: 2 teaspoon Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon Baking soda: 1/4 teaspoon
Here is the recipe of perfect chocolate cake, read it too!! Directions: Once you have gathered all the ingredients, follow these steps: Heat oven to 350°F.Grease very well muffin tin. (You can also put cupcake liner in muffin tin.)Sift flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa and salt.The…

Improve Your Facebook Feed Now!

Facebook is certainly not our only source of getting updated, but to be honest, no other platform can actually outreach as many daily active users as Facebook. It's been asserted, convincingly, that Facebook isn't really contributing enough to tackle false news that appear in the news feed. Plus it hasn't lived up to its responsibilities as a distributor of content to do so.

If you too are tired of seeing all the unwanted content or fake news then why not engage yourself in making your newsfeed better and up to your demand.

Following are three ways to make your newsfeed better according to you.

I want Facebook Newsfeed flooded up with what I like:
Facebook algorithm's main purpose is to seize your attention. Its algorithm is complex, and inherently adaptive and it is formulated to serve up content based on your activity.

What that means?

It means that Facebook mostly displays you the content you want to see based on your likes and dislikes. Lets say if you are active …

Because I need them!

I don't understand why people say that you don't need anyone to feel happy or to feel completed.
That you should stop caring about them as they did.
That you should move on instantly.
I don't know how people can even assume that letting go of someone you loved a lot is so easy.
Why they don't realize that it takes time to heal.
We do not heal over night, instead it is a long - tiring process.
They say, do not depend on anyone.
And do not let anyone to come closer enough to break you.
But sir, I do not agree with this, and I am gonna argue about it for the rest of my life, or at least longer enough to make everybody understand.
We're humans and we have feelings.
We suffer, we cry, we hold on.
And then we learn, we grow, we move on.
Moving on takes time.
And sometimes even a lifetime is not enough.
Stop asking me to behave like a robot.
And for God's sake, please stop telling me I don't need anyone.
Because I do need them, I need them a lot, I need them all t…

Hide read receipt on Facebook Messenger

Ever feel annoyed of receiving back to back text messages? And once you ignored them - you're doomed. Another series of complaining messages hit your phone and you wondered if there was anyway to hide your read receipt.

First thing first, how these receipts work?

How to hide read receipt on Messenger:
However, there's no direct way to turn off read receipts in Messenger, like you can in iMessage or WhatsApp, still there are some methods to hide it.

Learn How to use facebook like a pro!?
Read messages through notifications
How to Turn on Messenger notifications?

On Android, tap on user icon at the top right of the screen, go to notifications and turn it on.

On iOS, you'll want to have the notification alert style set to either Banners or Alerts (Settings > Messenger > Notifications) when your phone's unlocked.

Furthermore, if you want to see your notifications on your lock screen, tap on "Show on Lock Screen".

Now, you can read all your messages from not…

Her doll house!

Her ambition as a child was to become happy, she was different from kids of her age. When every kid wanted to become pilot, doctor, engineer, she wanted to become happy. It is not that she wasn't happy then, she was. In fact, she had this perfect child life, loving and caring parents, irritating yet affectionate siblings, perfect home, a plenty of dresses, shoes and other accessories and let's not forget about her perfect doll house — cute pair of doll and groom with two little doll kids, their tiny furniture, dresses and toy kitchen.

She used to spend all her free time playing with these dolls, loving them, taking care of them. It was her little world she grew old with. She used to write diary while talking to her dolls, it was her escape.

Now she was in her teenage, age of vulnerability, raw-emotions. Age to aspire, educate, confuse, experiment and build. She was naive, she was learning. Her age of romanticizing things has just been started and this grew her affection for he…

Which Is Better: Wordpress Or Blogger?

I have previously posted about 'What is a blog, how it evolved with time, who are bloggers and why do they blog.' in detail.

Today, the topic I am going to cover is Which Platform Is Better In 2017?!

Start your blog! Starting your own blog is not really complicated or expensive. Factually, more and more people are starting blogs every day and it will be no wrong to say that about every person or business has a blog these days.

Blogger Or Wordpress?  Main concern that appears in everyone's mind is which platform to choose, Blogger or Wordpress. Choose your platform wisely,
Are you confused with which blogging platform to choose to start your blogging career? The major blogging hosting platforms are no doubt Blogger and WordPress. Now to judge which one is better let's evaluate each of them independently.

It offers you free layout/style sheet customization.Innumerable designers create new themes absolutely free of cost.It is highly user friendly i.e easy to navi…

Google Maps Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Google released Google Maps in 2005 and with the passing time it has become the most popular navigation application in the world. Today, Google Maps has more than 1 billion active users. Most of us are using it on daily basis, but are you sure you are making the most out of it? If not, here are some awesome tips to use Google maps more effectively than before.

Save Your Home And Work Address: Yes, with Google Maps you can now save your home and work addresses.

To do this, open up Google Maps, tap the menu icon in the top-left corner then tap 'Your places'. Here you’ll see entries for Home and Work. Type in your addresses and you're done.

Now you can ask Google Maps to navigate to Home or Work instead of having to enter the address.

Shortcut For Navigation: Did you know there is a shortcut for voice navigation on Google Maps?

You can search for a place or touch it on the map, then touch and hold the blue transportation button at the bottom right i.e a car, bike, or person.…