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Her father was proud of her!

Tale of a little girl with ambition to be happy, she was intelligent, energetic and likely to pick up things faster than any average student. Her sharp intellect, attention to detail and will to do anything never let her miss securing positions and winning awards throughout her life. There was not a single competition she took part in  and didn't win.

All her teachers appreciated her, almost everyone, new or old, in her school knew about her, parents used her name to motivate their kids, and kids ... they were fond of her too. Despite all the competition, she was the friend of all, her fellows loved her, and no party, no function, no picnic, not even routine boring classes were complete without her. She rarely bunked the school — once in a blue moon, but when she did everyone got worried and send their concern.

She was now in grade 8th, working hard for her exams, fell ill. She was getting weaker and weaker every passing day. Her doctor asked her to take some tests for further evaluation and prescribed antibiotics to make her feel better.

Today was her 3rd paper, she was all prepared, weak but prompted to secure position this time too. She puked thrice on her way to school. Worried her father, advised her to skip the exam and to take some rest instead. She willingly denied, she knew she could do this. 

Her principal did not allow her to sit in her classroom along with all the students to prevent them from catching the disease, she sat in principal's office instead. She took her exam, it was extremely difficult for her to write, she wrote anyway. Her teacher kept visiting her time to time. She did it, she took her test and it went fine. She sighed relief, handed over the paper to her teacher and left.

Her mother was already sitting in waiting room, taking her glance. she came running towards her, hugged her, her mom asked her how is she now and how was her exam and she assured her she is fine and it went well. She walked holding her mommy's hand towards the main gate, sat in her car and went home.

Her mom was worried, test reports had come and they were not fine. She was suffering from jaundice for past 1 month and her bilirubin level was terrible. Anxious her mom, hugged her and started crying. Jaundice is not a big deal these days but for her, it was. Her beloved daughter was not fine. Watching her mom crying she calmed her telling, she will be fine and it's certainly not a big deal.

Oh mommy, don't cry. I am fine. And if I am not, I will be. This is not a big deal. I'll be taking care of myself and I'll get fine.

Listening to her reply, her mommy laughed while crying nodded and agreed,

Yes, my love, you'll be fine!

Time passed, She got well. She has worked really hard for her exams and now she was praying for her good result.

The day had finally arrived she was waiting impatiently for. It was the annual function at her school today. She had prepared a tableau, all prepared; wearing her white net frock, wings and holding angel stick, she was looking no lesser than a real angel. Her mentor invited their group to come on stage to perform. Accompanying her group mates she presented her tableau, everyone applauded and cheered them up. Hall was filled with the echo of 'once more', they all seemed to like the performance and later it won the best tableau award of the evening.

It was time to announce results, holding her heart she was praying to the God of all. She was scared but she didn't lose her hopes. She kept praying. Her principal was announcing the result of grade 8th now, he declared the name of the student who secured 1st position and it was not her. She congratulated him, smiled and told him, he deserved it. She was heart broken but she managed to look okay.

Her principal announced second position holder and then he called her name, she secured the third position this time. She gasped and ran towards the podium, thanking God - at least she was third.

She accepted her shield of honor, smiled, took a deep breath in and smiled again. All the photographers were taking their pictures. Her eyes searched for her parents in the audience, and there was them.

She smiled at them, show them her shield, her mom smiled back at her. Her siblings were clapping energetically, but her father ...

She looked at her father who was wiping his tears and trying to take her picture.

A kind stranger came to his father and told him that he has forgotten to remove lens cover of his camera. Her mommy while laughing slowly, patted her father back gently and said,

Let it be, she has left the podium anyway. We will buy her picture from school later.

Her father smiled, still, he had tears in his eyes and replied,

I thought she will miss the trophy this time and I was so worried, it will break her confidence. I am glad it didn't happen and she stood third. I am so proud of her right now.

He was now laughing softly, looking at her coming to them.

Is everything fine, daddy? I saw you crying, why are you crying?!

Handling shield to her mom, she asked her father. She has never seen him crying before, she was worried.

Nothing, just — I am so happy and proud of my daughter.

He replied, kissing her forehead. Surprised, she looked at her mom who was now smiling. Her mom comforted her that everything is okay and her father is just being emotional. She watched her mom teasing her dad, laughed and joined her.

That little girl who has now grown into a teenager, living her ambition, she was happy. A lot. Although, she didn't top this time but she knew if not this time then later — she will top again. She was thanking God for blessing her with the loving family. And at that moment, She couldn't be any happier.


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