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This Is How It All Began!

It was just another casual day when my friend mentioned you, the most desirable guy of our session. I remember what she exactly said,

"Did you hear about him? Every girl likes him and you won't believe he is so beautiful. I am definitely having a crush on him."

"What guy?"

I asked unknowingly, I was so unaware of your existence that time and I am not lying, I was certainly like that, not caring, never giving a damn about anyone or anything.

"That guy in Black t-shirt there!"

She replied.

I looked at you. I looked at you for the first time. You were sitting in the corner seat of our row, doing absolutely nothing, and you seemed just normal to me, just another normal guy, another ordinary guy.

"LOL, what is so special about him? He is OK!"

I said. I couldn't have cared any less about you. I got back to what I was doing, leaving this shocked look on her face. She was truly astonished by the fact how someone would say something like that for you. She looked at me all annoyed and said,

"Oh come on, don't be so over. He is so cute, accept it. Nobody is telling him anyway. It's just between us two."

This time, I looked at you again, with a slight interest in what is so good about you that got her so mad. And again, you were just ordinary. 

I smiled, and for her consent, I nodded and acted like I agreed with her, I agreed that you are beautiful. 

But, you were not then. You were not!

Or probably you were, I don't know. I am not sure. Probably this is how it all began, how I fell for you for the very first time, unknowingly,

I fell for the guy, who was ordinary at one moment and perfectly beautiful the following.


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