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I found true love.

You have come far,
Far away from okay.
And now you realize there is no turning back.
You've fallen completely, oh so undoubtedly for that person.
And what is sad,
He doesn't even know.
And what is even more wistful,
Even if he knew, he wouldn't have been yours.
It seems like everything has finished,
Your hopes, your strength, worse - your existence.
And you're just gonna vanish in the air of nothingness and loneliness for the rest of your life.
There is no way to happiness now,
there is no way to peace...

But then you hear Him calling you,
Telling you that you're not worthless,

And that, He loves you more than anything,
His love is even greater than combined love of 70 mothers or more,
That He loves you unconditionally and no matter what happen,
He'll never stop loving you,

Or showing it.
He then makes you realize your real value,

That how important you're,
How beautiful you are,
How, despite all your mistakes and wrongdoings, perfect you are.
He then showers His never ending blessings on you,
And promise to be with you always and forever.

Do you not see it now?
He was with you all this time,
When you thought you were alone, you were nothing ...
When you lost all your hopes, your faith,
When you thought you could never be happy again,
Or that you will never be able to find anew peace,
He was with you,
Loving you,
Caring for you,
Looking after you,
Sustaining you,
Strengthening you...
He was always here.

And now you realize,

You have been running after someone for so long,
Who never saw your worth,
Who never loved you once,
And how wrong you were,
And how you never knew how valuable true love is,

And how easy is to find it,
And that when you were saying bad things about you,
And when you were cursing everything about this world,
And when you were trying to shut yourself down,

To end your life,
He, Allah The Almighty, saved you, lifted you,

And showed you how amazing this life and this world is.
And manifested in you the very idea of your robustness and endurance.

And now when you are standing on dignity, incomparable.
it's now that you've found your true and only love,
Him. Your God, Allah.
and now you will never feel melancholic for the rest of your life,
and that now you've finally achieved the true meaning of life.
And as from today, Life will be beautiful.

Life will be easy,
Life will be more meaningful,
Because He's with you and He'll always be with you.


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