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You made my day!

My interest continues to grow in you, with every passing day. It was hard to keep my eyes off from you and even harder to not think about you. You were on my mind all the time, intentionally, unintentionally. It wouldn't be unfair to say you had started bothering me and funny thing was that you didn't even know.

As our group grew, my friend stopped talking about you. I wanted her to tell me what's up in your life, what you like/dislike, I wanted her to tell me everything about you, yet I was scared of getting embarrassed and so, I never had the courage to ask her.

Now, all I could do was to stare you, time to time, in the class, after the class. That day was a complete waste when you bunked the school, I used to miss you a lot. A lot. All the time. I still wonder about it, and I am not kidding, I actually do, I even now ask myself, what was so enticing about you that made me fall so hard for you, all just in one day. You were this ordinary guy and then you were everything; everything I thought about, I fell for, I liked, I wanted, I had, I loved, I needed and then I lost ...

I remember how obvious I was, although - I was too afraid to open up about my feelings to you or to anyone, still I didn't stop ogling you. And I know you knew, I know you looked at me too - giggles - most certainly to make me realize that it's too much and I should control, or that I should stop, or maybe for some other reason, or maybe just blankly, but you looked at me too.

That day, I was having a bad time and I was moody, I was rough, I was whining about every single thing. I don't have any reason, I was just hating that day, plus - I had a lot of work to do, I was completing my assignment and I had to draw my graph later. There was a lot on my mind, I was hastening and then, you came,

"Heyyy, are you done with your journal?! Would you make mine too?"

No, I wasn't done then. Actually, I didn't have started it at all.

You asked me a favor when we were not even friends, and not just that we were not friends, it was literally the first time any of us approached and started a conversation in all this time.

I was hateful then, and I could have said a blatant no to you right away yet I smiled, I smiled like an idiot. I didn't reply you; neither in yes nor in no, I didn't reply you at all. I only looked at you and smiled, and I smiled for so long that I still remorse it after all this time.

You looked at me smiling, you quirked, you stepped away.

You were now making your journal, singing - in a low tone, "Bruno Mars' runaway baby", smiling to yourself time to time.

You submitted your journal, you left.

My assignment was unfinished, I didn't draw my graph, ma'am marked me absent for that day, I lost my 2 marks. 

No, I wasn't absent. I was there in the lab, I was present. But just physically, my mind was not there. It was with you. I already had missed my lecture for you before, I should have been more attentive this time but that day, I again wasn't in my right mind.

I was annoyed, I was sad, and then you made my day.

Only by asking my help, or probably by starting a conversation, or by the way you sang, or smiled, or the way you quirked, or simply because it was you.

I was annoyed, I was sad. I had a lot to do. And then you came, you spoke, you made my day, and then you left. Now I was smiling, blushing, and singing to myself 'runaway baby'.

"Run run run away, run away baby
Before I put my spell on you
You better get get get away get away darling
'Cause everything you heard is true
Your poor little heart will end up alone
'Cause Lord knows I'm a rolling stone
So you better run run run away run away baby.."


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